Walking in the Snow ... Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 | with 0 comments |
Soup weather in effect :)

Happy Holidays using Post-its, that's impressive! On their site, they have a pretty cute youtube time-lapse clip that shows them putting it together.

Not exactly the hills of San Francisco, but Yaletown in snow doesn't make for easy deliveries!

Orpheum at dusk (i.e. 4pm at this time of year - argh!)

Groovy Gate

Birds need boots too?

Vogue in the Winter

Bowling anyone?

Last minute shoppers on Robson (ahem, ahem)

Tree has this parking lot all to itself

The warm confines of Lucy Mae Brown's look inviting

Snowman fun in Yaletown

Heat from lamp carves out a cavern under the snow

Yaletown Park

The Subway in the background is open 24 hours!

Mini-Cooper dashing through the snow

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