When we first met Laura & Henry, one of the first things we found out is that they are now living in Ontario, so shooting our usual engagement session before the wedding was not in the cards. Luckily, their tea ceremony was a couple of days before the wedding, so we did have a nice chance to go to a nearby park beforehand and get them comfortable with the type of photographic attention they'd be getting on wedding day! :)


My client needed some updated headshots and although it was a little cold outside, we decided to do the session in Yaletown since the sheer variety of locations makes for great headshot backdrops almost anywhere you go!
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Lisa and Rich helped us start of the 2011 season earlier this year, after flying in from the States to get married in beautiful Vancouver ... except that Vancouver wasn't cooperating.   Luckily, Lisa's radiant smile warmed things up and it turned out to be a great wedding!

I've also been trying out more collages lately.

Maya has the big beautiful kind of eyes I could take photos of all day long.  Such a busy family, it took a long time to organize our shoot, but the wait was worth it!  

It's been awhile since I last blogged, so I thought I'd get 2011 started with some colourful photos from Illuminate Yaletown. It was raining on Friday night, making photos a little difficult while holding my umbrella & monopod, but once you're into it then you stop worrying about your gear.

I've put a few favourites below, and I've got a few more on the Flickr set.

Here is the main website for more information about the event.

Great installations by all the artists involved!

Illuminate Yaletown - Light Cosmos