Rose + Voytek | Engagement at Granville Island

Saturday, July 31, 2010 | with 2 comments |
We had so much fun with Rose & Voytek last weekend at Granville Island & couldn't resist putting together a little video montage.

Both were dressed in blue, so naturally we had to find a blue wall.

Rose was a natural!

but we had to warm Voytek up a little!

It didn't take long to find some fun spots ...

The price we pay for hot images ... it turns out there was a little tar on one of the posts behind Rose, but luckily we only got it on the hands instead of the dress!

Lately, a bird seems to find it's way into every session we do ... I consider this to be a sign of good luck :D

Granville Island is full of interesting walls ...

And we only had to kick out a few kids at the children's playground ... kidding! Poor Voytek though, not a lot of leg room in there.

Ice cream sounded great for a little break, but alas the place had just closed.

Colour is like candy to me ...

It's always fun with a lot of tourists watching your every move!

It was hot enough out there, almost tempted to run through the water. :D

Time to feed the geese ... actually they were too smart and knew we didn't actually have any food for them. ;>

Timing the traffic is always a fun game to play.

Time to wrap it up and head for a frosty draft ... can't wait for the wedding!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I love the pics and comments Doug...I can't wait for the wedding either :D

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