Shooting in Gastown

Saturday, August 8, 2009 | with 0 comments |
I had a blast the other night, going out for an evening of shooting with photography friends Josan, Tom & Jan. We were working in Gastown, playing with a Sunbouncer and some off-camera lighting. We started off wandering the narrow alleys, looking for interesting locations that didn't require too much climbing!

I think Jan and I are more comfortable behind the camera, so Josan and Tom were gracious enough to act as models for the evening!

Yes, photographers are a little crazy ... but we had enough traffic scouts to avoid any injuries to Josan during the yoga-in-the-middle-of-the-street series.

Photographers are always msising headshots of themselves, so hopefully Tom can find a couple from his night in front of the camera!

Moving into the heart of the Gastown tourist district was a good move, lots of colourful lights to serve as backdrops.

Tom was pressed into service once again ... ignore the slight look of fear in the eyes, dodging cars gets trickier at night!

We approached Tristan, who was just walking by with her sister, and coralled her into a 2 minute modelling stint to help give us a bit of variety in our shots. Thanks Tristan!! It turns out she is also somewhat in the industry, working as a makeup artist on tv, film & weddings.

It was getting pretty dark by this time, but Josan was up for one more quick series in front of this cool iron gate.

See you all soon, and congrats to Jan & Roseanne on your move to the Island!

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