Cecilia + Abby | Wedding at Granville Island

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 | with 0 comments |
We had a great time at Granville Island on Saturday, lots of fun exploring and capturing moments for a couple who shall remain anonymous for now, hehe.

Bridges is a very flexible wedding location with a scenic outdoor patio on the 2nd floor and a very large dining room in case Vancouver weather kicks in!

Of course, as with any Granville Island day, there might be a couple of hundred tourists that want to share your day with you! As we walked along, everyone was offering congratulations to the couple and complimenting them on the dresses, colour scheme, etc!

The Roman columns + flower arrangements made a great frame for the ceremony.

Even the M&M's matched the colour scheme, and had tiny pictures of the couple imprinted on them - that was very cool!

The magnifying glass was for the M&M's, but came in handy to get a closer view of the wedding bands.

Traditional head jewelery for the bride ...

And boutonnieres with a little bling :)

And with this ring ...

Fun idea to have Polaroids via the giant Fuji Instax 200 and a handy glue stick to paste them into the guest book!

Gorgeous cake with the couple's theme in full effect.

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