First Meetup of the Vancouver Pictage User Group (PUG)

Thursday, February 12, 2009 | with 0 comments |
Pictage isn't quite as big a brand name with brides & photographers in Canada yet as it is in the States. But that could soon change, as they have made important changes to their wedding photographer directory and plan to heavily increase their marketing in the coming months. Pictage is one of the leading fulfillment companies for professional photographers in the U.S. and Canada. They allow photographers to manage to their events and provide online image hosting so that clients can review their images and order from amongst a wide variety of professional prints, albums and other products.

One unique feature they offer is the co-ordination and support of local photographers via their Pictage User Groups (PUGs). Although most major U.S. cities have a PUG, Vancouver has only recently joined the club. Many thanks to Tom Galassi for dropping in from L.A. to get the ball rolling for Vancouver! Our initial turnout was a little smaller than we were hoping, as many probably were getting ready for the WPPI trade show next week. Nevertheless, it was great meeting some fellow photographers and exchanging a few tips.

We held it at the Elixir, part of the Opus Hotel in Yaletown ... a place strangely so close to me ... and yet that I had never been inside previously. Naturally, I have photographed it a couple of times however ... can't keep me away from shiny colourful things. Actually, one time my buddy Darrel and I were shooting the front entrance from across the street and everyone passing by kept asking "who is inside?" and "are you paparazzi or something?" ... sigh, kind of hard to catch fleeting glimpses of stars with tripods and 4 second shutter speeds, lol.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing Tom, Angelo, Diana and others at the next meetup!

From the archives (and from my pre-digital slide film days no less) ...

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