Scanning the Archives - Langara Photography Program

Sunday, July 20, 2008 | with 0 comments |
We all have 'background' projects that we work on and for me, scanning in my old slides and colour negatives is one that I've been chipping away at for a long time. This shot was part of a "key-shifting" assignment back in the day for a lighting course at Langara.

I hadn't scanned any for awhile and last night when I went to use my Minolta Scan Elite, it refused to scan. After a couple of hours of troubleshooting with no success, I started scouring the web for possible solutions. I found that Minolta became Konica-Minolta and that now Sony has taken them over. Along the way, the available information on this scanner has slowly evaporated and of course, it's no longer supported. I really didn't want to buy a new scanner since this one used to work fine, but you start to run out of options once items get discontinued. The product cycles are so fast theses days it's kind of crazy. Anyways, I eventually found another piece of software which worked (Vuescan) and I was able to get back to my project. Whew! Scanning in the above photo, I was reminded how nice film can look.

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