Honl flash accessories arrived!

Monday, June 9, 2008 | with 0 comments |
Since seeing David Honl's flash accessories mentioned on Strobist a few months ago, I finally decided to order this past week. Strangely, the velcro speed straps were the things that initially drew my attention - mostly because I really didn't like mucking up my flash with the sticky tape velcro of previous light modifiers I had tried. I added the straps and the snoot into the online shopping cart, and then said "well, since I'm paying for shipping to Canada anyway ... I might as well get a few more items". So I ended up getting at least one of everything, including the gel set and grids. :)

The gear arrived today, simply packaged in ziplock bags with little card inserts giving the URL to the infamous "belly dancing" example video. The quality of the materials is quite good and they feel like they will withstand heavy use. I'm looking forward to putting them into action as soon as I can, and I'll post some comparison images when I get a chance.

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