Jay Maisel & Gregory Heisler in town!

Friday, May 23, 2008 | with 0 comments |
I went to a presentation a couple of nights ago at the Ironworks studio (put on by Vancouver Photography Workshops) featuring Jay Maisel and Gregory Heisler. They are in town to teach 5 day workshops (which at ~$1000, are a bit too much for my budget). Tickets for the seminar were only $35 and with the Q&A session, managed to stretch from the planned 2 hours to almost 4 hours. :)

It was a very intersting night as Jay has always been one of my favourites, and my natural shooting style is very close to his. Maisel is very much about capturing the moment as is (at least in his personal work) while Heisler is much more about pre-visualizing and creating an image from a concept. Heisler has amazing lighting skills and had some great stories about celebrities he has worked with.

Definitely looking forward to more of these in the future.




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