David's Bar Mitzvah | The Arbutus Club in Vancouver

Saturday, September 15, 2007 | with 0 comments |
I had to take a crash course in Mitzvah traditions, but it was a fantastic experience photographing David's Bar Mitzvah, especially the Hora at the end.

Some googling gives a little background ...
The Judaic celebrations of Bar Mitzvah (boys) and Bat Mitzvah (girls) are ceremonies in which a Jewish boy or girl reach their majority -- thirteen years old -- and fully join the rest of their religious community.

Becoming Bar Mitzvah entails a number of responsibilities. It means that the boy or girl is now morally responsible for their own actions; they can be called to read from the Torah at temple; they can own what they possess (physical property); and perhaps most importantly, they are subject to the 613 laws of the Torah (the five books of Moses).

Wow, that is a lot of rules!

David was a little bit reluctant on having his photo taken, but of course a lot of teenagers are! It was so different from a wedding where the bride & groom - having hired you - are cooperative about being in photos. So Rosy & I had to use our ninja stealth skills as much as possible and wait for moments when there wasn't a lot of camera awareness, hehe. For family privacy, we're limiting photos on the blog for this event, but we still wanted to share a few of our favourite images from the venue.

Venue: The Arbutus Club
Event Planner: Jenny Ashton, Visual Presentation Productions
DJ: Hot Wax Mobile Music

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